Operating in the dyeing industry, textile finishing and knitting since 1980, Empresa Têxtil da Maganha currently has a modernized technological park and a processing capacity of 150 tons per month.

With 13,000 m2 of processing area, the versatility of our machines allows us to respond to the specific needs of all customers.

40 years of activity attest to experience and result in a team highly specialized in the textile area; a factor that allows us to meet our customers’ expectations and enhance the competitiveness of their networks.

A specialized team that constantly assesses the quality and conformity of the fabrics!


Our experience allows us to work efficiently with all types of knits and their compositions!

Whatever the finish, we master the physical and chemical processes!


Sustainability Policy

We transform now without compromising the capacity of future generations!

We are attentive to the evolution of the industry and continuously modernize our technological park and optimize our work processes.

Regardless of the product for which the knitwear is intended (baby, children’s, women’s, men’s clothing, sports or work clothing), we guarantee its transformation in accordance with international standards of quality and sustainability.

Product certification and customer satisfaction are our priority.


Learn more about our sustainability policy and certifications!

Who are we

Our philosophy is our strategy.

Our goal is to create shared values, whether in the way we do it or in the relationship with our customers and partners. Thus, we are characterized by dedication and close interaction.

Our Factory

We grow together with our customers, suppliers and partners.