Empresa Têxtil da Maganha

Textile Finishes

Whatever the finish, we master the physical and chemical processes!

Our textile finishing area is responsible for ensuring the best performance of the knits, makingthem appealing and pleasant for the final consumer.

Whatever the specification and purpose of your fabric, we master mechanical and chemical processes to give you your desired parameters, the look and feel you want.

It is upon the reception of the mesh and the reading of the specifications that the entire transformation process is prepared. In cooperation with our client, we validate the necessary treatments, carrying out control tests throughout the entire process.

Some of the types of finishes we ensure are: antibacterial, hydrophilic, repellent, fireproof, card, thermosetting, gassed, ramulating, laminating, sanforizing, anti-pilling treatment, decatizing, finishing with fragrances, among others.