Empresa Têxtil da Maganha

Textile Dyeing

Our experience allows us to work efficiently with all types of knits and their compositions!

We ensure that all industry requirements are met during the entire dyeing process. For this, we work together with international organizations to certify our entire production process, thus ensuring that the fabrics we work respect safety in terms of the presence of harmful substances.

Our state-of-the-art technology machines allow us to dye all types of articles with quality, regardless of whether they are Jersey, Piquet, Rib, Interlock, Felpa, Peluche, among others.

The same applies to the composition of the article: cotton, linen, hemp, nettle, wool, cashmere, polyester, viscose, lyocell, polyamide and mixtures of these and others.

During the entire process, our team controls the production phases with compliance tests, thus ensuring compliance with the required specifications and customer satisfaction.